Please read carefully the Regulations and Conditions before registering!

  1. General Regulations
    1. This agreement is concluded between VIP PLAY CASH LTD, acting in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom on the one hand and the private investor (further it will be named the "User"), on the other hand in accordance with the international law.
    2. Due to the fact of registration on the website of the company VIP PLAY CASH LTD, the user confirms his acquaintance and agreement with all the next rules. If the user does not agree with these rules or any other their part, he is not allowed to use the services of this site.
    3. Any individual or a legal company from any country can open an account with VIP PLAY CASH LTD. But to benefit the services of this site, the user must reach the age of majority in his or her country.
    4. The User agrees that all information, communications, documents received from VIP PLAY CASH LTD are private, confidential and are not permitted to be publicized.
    5. In addition, the information, communications, and materials kept in this document should not be considered to be a proposal or harassment for investing in any jurisdiction that considers non-public offers or requests to be illegal and release any person who will do this offer from responsibility.
    6. Each user can register only one personal account, the creation of additional accounts is forbidden. If two or more accounts are found, the company has the right to block all accounts until the circumstances become clear.
  2. User Registration
    1. The user needs to register on VIP PLAY CASH LTD website in order to gain access to certain functions of the site. The user is obligated to provide only complete and accurate information about himself during registration, and during the updating the registration data.
    2. The user agrees to keep the current registration data and to update the registration data as soon as they change. The user is responsible for ensuring the security of his or her password. VIP PLAY CASH LTD and its service providers are not responsible for any damages that the user may receive due to unauthorized use of your password by others.
  3. Investment Conditions
    1. Each deposit is considered to be a private transaction between VIP PLAY CASH LTD and the user. The user performs all financial actions himself or herself according to his or her opinion and at his or her own risk. The user personally decides what to do with his or her investment. All accruals to the personal account are made in accordance with the selected investment package. The user has the right to decide what to do with the funds, which are on his or her personal account and can also open a deposit only using electronic payment systems used by the company.
    2. Deposit rates are calculated on the basis of the weighted average profit indicators of the company, if these indicators change, the company reserves the right to raise the interest rate or lower it.
    3. The company does not provide any express guarantees of your success associated with the use of company products.
    4. The company refuses to provide implied warranties of profit, applicability for the purposes determined by the participant, based on his own understanding of how to make profit and the scope of the company's products and services. The participant cannot receive compensation for any losses and damage, including indirect, special, incidental or punitive damages, as well as losses in connection with the lost profit, in any form.
  4. Return Policy
    1. All operations соnnected with the withdrawal of funds are realized only in accordance with the Company's Return Policy.
    2. The user receives a return on their investment and interest through daily accruals. The body of the deposit at the end of the term is not refunded.
    3. Deposits are made for a period of 1 year.
    4. Before submitting a complaint to monitoring sites, the user must contact VIP PLAY CASH LTD to solve all problems peacefully.
  5. Confidentiality
    1. The Company undertakes not to disclose any personal information about the user to any other people.
    2. VIP PLAY CASH LTD operates in accordance with a policy of full confidentiality. Any information about the user, including personal data, information about transactions and income is not available to other people. The user’s information can be used only by authorized employees of the company if it is necessary. The only data, which is displayed publicly is the current deposit statistics, which contains the date and time of the deposit, the sum, the payment system and the user's login.
    3. The user's real name is never shown and is not displayed publicly. The user has the right to take any user name (login), except forbidden ones. VIP PLAY CASH LTD completely guarantees the confidentiality of all transactions which are a result of the user's participation in the company.
  6. Modification or Termination
    1. VIP PLAY CASH LTD has the right to suspend or stop the delivery of information through this site temporarily according to its sole discretion and without prior notice. This can happen when we need to supplement, update, improve or correct the content of this site. The site may be temporarily closed in a case of urgent system updates, equipment failure, power outages or natural disasters. The Company is not responsible for direct or indirect damages under such circumstances.
    2. VIP PLAY CASH LTD may temporarily suspend or stop a user's access to the site without notice and reliability if it determines a fact of breaking any rules of this agreement.
  7. Links to the company's website
    1. An investor can find information about our company on different monitoring sites, forums, blogs, and so on. VIP PLAY CASH LTD does not track the information published by such sites. The opinions or materials provided by such sites may differ from the opinions and materials published on this website and the leaders of our company cannot share or support them. The company is neither responsible for the privacy policy and other rules used by other sites, nor is reliable for any loss or damage, or disclosure of your personal information, appearing in the result of the use of other websites.
  8. Risks and liability of the participant
    1. Any income or statement of income, or examples of income provided on the company's websites (including affiliate websites), are only estimates of what we think about your potential earnings. We do not guarantee that you will do the same if you consider these examples. Do not rely on the results shown earlier. All information about certain income results belonging to any person or organization is information that can help you make a decision. We do not guarantee that you will earn the same amount or get the same income. Use caution and seek advice from competent professionals. Before becoming a user of our products, services and website, we advise you to make your own decision, independent of no one, but check the information with competent specialists first. Our information, VIP PLAY CASH LTD products must be carefully reviewed and evaluated before deciding to register with the company in order to understand whether you need it. You agree that our company is not responsible for your success or your subsequent refusal to cooperate with it, refusal of any information provided by VIP PLAY CASH LTD or our products and services.
  9. The order of interaction of participants with VIP PLAY CASH LTD.
    1. You will be aware of any changes in the company through any of the official sources of information VIP PLAY CASH LTD. These sources are (but there may be additions) - information on the website in the News section.
    2. A potential client / participant becomes a full member on the same day that the registration in the company is successfully completed.
    3. The participant must provide all his data according to the registration form. This includes the correct email address (E-mail). Password recovery to the site is possible only by receiving a special link to e-mail. If you have lost access to your mailbox, or don’t remember which mailbox you registered, the company is not responsible for the loss of access to your personal account.
    4. Any participant who has registered an account with false data or inaccurate information that misleads the company can be suspended from participation by blocking the participant’s access to all sections of the personal account; funds in the account are not refundable. In case of violation of this paragraph by the participant, the account may be blocked at any time without notice.
    5. Incomplete, incorrect or fraudulent registration of an account will be invalid and will not have any force. The participant who provided incorrect information agrees that his account can be deleted without the right to return funds on such an account.
    6. To advertise their activities as an independent participant of VIP PLAY CASH LTD, it is allowed to use any advertising materials, such as banners, presentations, wallpapers, business cards. Advertising placed in the media and on the Internet must meet the requirements: 1) Advertising should not imply that you are offering a free vacancy in any job; 2) You do not have the right to promise a certain income.
  10. Log Files
    1. VIP PLAY CASH LTD may collect, keep and use information about the computer, visits, and use of the company's website by the investor (including IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, operating system, source direction, visit duration, number of page views and web navigation paths). This data does not concern personal information; it is private and is not transferred to other people.
  11. Anti-Spam Policy
    1. The user must follow strict anti-spam rules that forbid spam in any of its forms. It is also stipulated that the user can make announcements about the company "VIP PLAY CASH LTD" only on sites where such location is permitted. SPAM breakers will be immediately and permanently removed from the program.
  12. Affiliate Program
    1. VIP PLAY CASH LTD gives the user an opportunity to take part in the affiliate program. You can find more information on the "Home" page.
  13. Extraordinary circumstances
    1. Extraordinary circumstances include such incidents as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc., which lead to the impossibility of fulfilling contractual obligations. Extraordinary circumstances also spread to human actions, such as armed conflicts, terrorism, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, and so on.
    2. When extraordinary circumstances appear, any party is not reliable according to other parties for failure in fulfillment of any obligations.
  14. Contact of the parties
    1. The user can contact support service through this website to request any information in different ways: either by completing the customer support form or by e-mail. The user can also start a chat session if one of the representatives of VIP PLAY CASH LTD is available.
  15. Limits of liability
    1. VIP PLAY CASH LTD is not responsible for Internet connection of it’s user, individual network nodes, individual providers, other Internet users due to the device of the global network.
    2. VIP PLAY CASH LTD is not responsible for the functioning of the Participant's computer and software products.
    3. The participant is responsible for the safety of their credentials (login, password). All actions performed by third parties using the Member’s credentials are considered to be performed by the Member.