About us

VIP PLAY CASH LTD is the benchmark for venture investment in digital technology.

VPC LTD is an international investment group of companies officially registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which allows us to absolutely completely engage in investment activities around the world! The main goal of our company is to unite investors in the foreign exchange and crypto markets into a single investment network, which will give them the opportunity to earn even on small investments and use their collective potential.

The famous Lithuanian Internet content producer Loberta UAB founded VIP PLAY CASH LTD in 2013. Initially, our company rendered consulting services to large investors from Western Europe, China and the USA, however, in 2017, due to an increase in demand in the gambling services market, our team decided to open a new range of services for our customers, namely trust asset management. Over 2 years of successful work and careful diversification of assets, the capital of our company has grown by more than 7 times and continues to rapidly gain momentum.

In 2020, according to the research of our financial department, we are fully prepared to enter the private investment and trust management market.

We have launched a completely new online investment platform, thanks to which absolutely everyone who wants to improve their financial situation can trust their funds to our company.

We have developed 4 balanced investment offers for our potential customers who can fully satisfy their needs.

In addition to the possibility of passive earnings, absolutely for every our partner will be available:
  • Qualified technical support
  • Insurance of client deposits in full, without an upper level of coverage
  • Guarantees of fulfillment of obligations by the company's equity

By investing your money in our company today, you will discover great opportunities in the future, because VIP PLAY CASH LTD is the easiest chance to get income from the gambling industry.

In addition, it is worth noting that our company puts at the forefront the most important qualities of a modern investment platform - namely, honesty and openness. Below are all the title documents of our organization, as well as a license to conduct commercial activities. Thus, we open all the cards to our current and potential investors, since we are completely confident in our abilities and are ready to guarantee an honest and stable income to everyone!

Open an investment account in VIP PLAY CASH LTD right now and discover the world of great opportunities for the gambling industry today.

If you have any questions, please contact your personal manager in any way convenient for you in the «Contacts» tab.